Particularly Beautiful Diving Areas

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Underwater worlds are just as fascinating as any kind of nature – only they are not available to everyone

Underwater worlds are just as fascinating as any kind of nature – only they are not available to everyone. You have to have the courage to put on a snorkel and an oxygen tank and to trust yourself to the wet element under guidance. But once the fascination of diving in these unknown landscapes has taken hold of you, beautiful diving areas become an important part of your holiday. Of course you can do your dives in the cool waters of the Baltic Sea and at least in Scandinavia you will have fun in clear water – but mostly it is more exciting water landscapes you are looking for. Some people enjoy wreck diving or diving for amphorae , others like to observe animals under water. Some beautiful diving areas are briefly presented here.

Nobody would have dreamed that a sunken Greenpeace ship could become a popular diving destination:

Wreck diving usually means diving for old wrecks – but this one also seems to arouse interest! It can be found in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands

Those who prefer Malaysia as a diving destination will find in the

East Malaysian state of Sabah two of the most beautiful diving areas in the entire region:

Sidapan and Layang Layang offer an abundance of fish that is second to none

Thailand has according to fans with Phuket, Khao Lak, the Similans and Surin Islands with the world famous “Richelieu Rock” the world’s best diving areas. In the tropical warm water various marine life cavort in sufficient numbers and the abundance of different coral species, water anemones, feather stars and large gorgonian fans is worth mentioning. The special advantage of the diving grounds off Phuket is that they can be dived all year round. However, it is said to be most beautiful between November and April.

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Particularly beautiful diving areas can also be found in the Red Sea in Egypt:

Here the most important tropical diving region for Europe presents itself with the popular diving areas Deadalus Reef and Elphinstone Reef as well as the from the outside rather inconspicuous Brother Islands

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