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Travel or tourism portals are very strongly represented on the Internet.

Travel or tourism portals are very strongly represented on the Internet:

But not every travel portal is automatically well visited

The overall picture of photos and text as well as the clever arrangement of the menu items demonstrably influence the user in his actions . In order to keep up with the competition, the constant further development of the portals is absolutely necessary. Ideas and insightful measures to strengthen user- friendliness hold great potential to climb steadily up the popularity scale. Fast and efficient information, which can be seen, but which can be fetched by oneself and only when needed, can be found for example on own maps – here a map from South Tyrol or Merano and surroundings – which also makes the direct way to an inquiry or book ing possible. A variety of hints and articles thus make almost complete holiday planning possible . Very interesting is the large collection of links when zooming.skiing areas and hiking tours, historical buildings and of course the exact location of the accommodations are clearly visible and are directly linked to the corresponding articles. In other words, every possible piece of information is provided. And since the viewer can choose for himself what and how much he wants to see, the variety is not a burden but an enrichment. What remains after that is only one thing: to enjoy the holiday to the fullest.

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