Lake Balaton In Hungary

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Who speaks of the popular holiday country Hungary, also immediately thinks of the Balaton, in German Plattensee

Who speaks of the popular holiday country Hungary, also immediately thinks of the Balaton, in German Plattensee.

Lake Balaton is the attraction in Hungary at all:

Since Hungary has no connection to the open sea, this inland lake with a considerable size of almost 600 square kilometers is a very popular recreation area

Lake Balaton is very scenic located in the center of Transdanubia.

Of course, most guests come to visit here in the summer, because Lake Balaton has almost “bathtub temperatures” of up to 28 degrees Celsius at this time of year. This is due to its relatively shallow depth of 3 meters on average, because the power of the sun heats up the lake quite quickly. The southern shore is particularly popular with holidaymakers because of its kilometres of flat sandy beaches. Here hotels and accommodations are lined up in large numbers. In summer, Lake Balaton is already quite crowded on the south shore, while it is much quieter in the hinterland.

The northern shore of Lake Balaton is a little different:

Here the shore falls steeply and there are also fewer beaches

There are beautiful wooded hill and mountain landscapes and wine-growing areas here:

It is less known among Hungarian holidaymakers that Lake Balaton is also very attractive and recommendable in the other seasons.

Already in spring you can swim in the lake and even in September the water is still pleasantly warm:

Outside of the main season, there is no mass tourism on holiday in Lake Balaton

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How beautiful Lake Balaton can be in winter, you have to experience yourself:

Again, because of its shallow depth, the lake also freezes quickly in the cold winter months and you can skate on it or take long walks along the shore

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