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After many years we have finally decided to buy a holiday apartment.

After many years we have finally decided to buy a holiday apartment:

The decision to do so has long been made, because we always vacation in the same country and in most cases always in the same place and hotel, it is not difficult for us to determine a particular country or place

To find a holiday flat according to our wishes has been quite easy than we thought before. The most important thing for us was that we didn’t live too far away from the beach and that we had a pool if we didn’t want to go to the beach, because that was very important for our children, they don’t like to walk. But you can find something like that almost everywhere and even furnished, so that you have to get new furniture only little by little. This is a great relief, if you already buy an apartment not to have to buy the furniture for it.

But now we are relaxed in our planning, we know there is always a free place and do not need to be afraid of nasty surprises.


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