Fécamp – Beautiful Town In Normandy

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Of course, this is also due to the many possibilities that one has to offer us.

Of course, this is also due to the many possibilities that one has to offer us:

Among these possibilities today is of course the one to rest and relax from our daily stress

One of these modern- day holiday regions is Europe, for example, because here holidaymakers can find many countries with many interesting cultures , culinary specialities and many places of interest. One of the most popular countries in Europe today is France, for example, which is also characterized by its beautiful holiday areas, including the south of France, where you can of course find much more than just beautiful accommodation such as the holiday apartment in the south of France.

Furthermore, Normandy, which is located in the north of France and is steeped in history, is also one of the other popular holiday regions in France. Among the special features of this beautiful region are the many beautiful cities and towns. One of these cities and towns that should not be missed on any Normandy holiday today is the city of Fécamp, located in the department of Seine-Maritime in the region of Upper Normandy. Situated at sea level and directly at the English Channel, this beautiful city does not only have a nice location to offer but also many sightseeings. As a city designated by the French Ministry of Culture as a City of Art and History, Fécamp has attractions such as the Abbey Church of Sainte-Trinité, the Palais Bénédictine (an art museum), the Musée Centre-des- Arts or the Musée des Terres-Neuvas. But Fécamp is also known for its three ports (a commercial port, a fishing port and a marina), but also for its distilled Benedictine liqueur.

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