Cruise On The Rhine

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Who wants to make a river cruise, does not have to go far away for it

Who wants to make a river cruise, does not have to go far away for it. Also in the Federal Republic there are some offers that you should not disregard when looking for a holiday destination. For example, the Rhine. With 13 2 1km it is the longest river in Germany. As one of the most important inland waterways of all, it has always had a great influence on the economy and culture of Europe. The Rhine rises in the Swiss Alps and flows into the North Sea about 30 km from the Dutch border. In the Rhine delta it is divided into two rivers: the Lek and the Waal. It is also interesting to note that the Rhine was not always so wide and straight. In the 19th century it was straightened and small tributaries were drained. Its most important tributaries are the Aare , Neckar, Main, Moselle, Ruhr and Lippe.

Many companies offer cruises on this popular river:

Here you have the choice between a 2 to 1 2 day trip

But no matter which provider you choose, the ships are usually very well equipped and almost luxurious. The staff also enjoys an excellent reputation.

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