Cancun As A Holiday Destination

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Cancun has become the most popular tourist destination in Mexico in recent years.

Cancun has become the most popular tourist destination in Mexico in recent years:

Its beaches, hotels, restaurants and proximity to the most important Mayan sites have made Cancun one of the most interesting tourist destinations in the Caribbean

The hotels are located on a former sandbank in the Caribbean Sea on one side and the lagoon Nachupté on the other side. It is said that the Indian tribe of the Iztaes founded the former capital “Siyancaan Bakhalal” in 435 B.C. and “Chichen Itzá” between 495 and 514 A.D. At the beginning of the 16th century the Spanish under Hernan Cortes conquered Mexico and many of the cultural treasures of the Maya were lost, but the most important buildings are still standing today . Besides visiting the archaeological sites, Cancun of course offers a lot of other attractions that you can do during your vacation. You can do all kinds of water sports especially diving and snorkeling.

The nature on land is not less interesting and there are various excursions in the jungle in the hinterland. The tourist infrastructure is perfect. There are shopping malls and shops where you can get everything, restaurants of all tastes and a large number of discos for an extensive nightlife. Cancun is a great destination for the single traveler or for the whole family.


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