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Go Green Adventure Camping Prices

Reflecting the area, locality and nature of each Venue

Venue Prices

Price for one Tent,
or the principal Tent
if booking for more
than one Tent*
Price for each
   Price per adult:   Price per child:    Price per
    1 - 5
  6 - 15
   1 - 5
  6 - 15
  AA £5.50 £3.50   £4.50   £4.00   £3.50   £3.00   £2.75   £2.50   £2  
  A £4.95 £3.00   £4.00   £3.50   £3.00   £2.75   £2.50   £2.25   £2  
All prices are expressed per night. The minimum stay is normally either 1 or 2 nights.
*Prices allow for tents upto a maximum size of 10 square meters. Should you wish to book for a larger tent(s) please contact us prior to booking.
If you are booking for a group consisting more than 25 adults, 25 chldren, 5 tents or any combination thereof,
please contact us by e-mail or phone 01725 517821 / 07899 804277 for a quotation.

Toilet Facilities

If you chose to camp in an Offbeat remote or semi wild area of a Venue, toilets are not normally available and you would be expected to bring your own.

The Ablution Solution Equipment which has been developed over the past two years is available to purchase from GGAC directly, or hire through a limited number of our venues currently. These items are listed in our Accessories sections; Campers Accessories and Supplies section for campers or Farmers and Land Owners Accessories and Supplies section for FLOs. Enquiries are invited by e-mail or by phone 01725 517821 or Mobile 07899 804277.

In the event of a Venue owner purchasing such equipment for campers use or to hire, which is well proven, this will be clearly shown on that Venue's individual Venue page. If applicable the hire charge will be itemised in the pricing section so that it can be included in a Booking for the particular Venue if required.

Shepherds Huts

Shepherds Huts (SH) fit in well with Go Green Adventure Camping provided they are sited in a rural or remote area.

A Shepherds Hut can now be Booked via the GGAC website at the DS003-SH a very pleasant and friendly working farm on the Dorset Downs, which is an Area of Natural Beauty (ANOB) in South Dorset. However the Shepherds Hut at this venue is temporarily unavailable for bookings due to damage.

The Shepherds Hut which is illustrated is made by Cowley Shepherd Huts near Cheltenham, Gloucestershire and is recommended.

Shepherds Hut hire charges are shown on the individual venue details page (where available) and enable you to Book and pay for the Hut hire with the rest of your Booking.

It is expected that other Venues will offer the facility to hire Shepherds Huts in the near future so please keep an eye on this GGAC website for updates.

Shepherds Hut

Booking and Payment

To avoid disappointment it is advisable to BOOK EARLY. Payment is to be made to JW Leisure Ltd., via this Go Green Adventure Camping web site and PayPal, at the time of booking.

Prices shown are valid from 8th August 2015 until further notice.


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