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Some Background Information

Quite a number of years ago it was possible to pack your camping gear and "take off" into the countryside hoping that you would find a friendly farmer who would allow you to camp on his land.

Unfortunately, those days have long since gone. However all is not lost. JW Leisure Ltd., a Wiltshire based company, have introduced a new concept which is organising a list of approved farmers/land owners (FLO's) scattered around the UK, Eire and France who have joined the Go Green Adventure Camping Association (GGAC-A) and agree to welcome a limited number of campers on their land.

A maximum of 5 units (tents only) will be allowed at any one time and the normal minimum length of stay will be 1 night and the maximum 14. Campers booking a camping holiday with JW Leisure Ltd., (JWL) are expected to be well equipped, self reliant, resourceful and independent, who wish to enjoy the freedom and beauty of the countryside. Those persons who participate in this type of holiday will be playing their part in reducing the carbon footprint, hence the inclusion of Go Green in the title.

The Go Green Adventure Camping Association is entirely independent of any existing Club and its prime objective is to provide camping venues in pleasant rural, and in some instances, semi wild/off beat and wild areas, to independent individuals, families and small groups of like minded people, possibly friends. With certain exceptions, no single sex groups will be permitted. Many Venues welcome groups of supervised children, such as Scouts, Guides, Cubs, Brownies and D of E. Additionally adult groups such as Cyclists and Rambling Clubs etc. are also welcomed.

JW Leisure Ltd., is a family run enterprise. The Managing Director has been involved in a number of very successful businesses over the years, including, over the past 25 years, in the camping industry.

Camping for groups of supervised children and adults

Camping Venue Classifications

At Go Green Adventure Camping we make it easy for you. We scour the UK searching for rural, off beat/semi wild and wild camping venues. When we find them we check them out and make the necessary arrangements with the farmers/land owners for you to be able to camp on site legally, and have access to the facilities - no matter how basic they are!

Each Venue is assessed and given a star rating (1 to 5) on the basis of the following criteria:

The area.     General ambience.      Suitability for families.      Remoteness/Off Beat.      Wildness.

The result of this assessment places the Venue in one of the following Categories: AA or A. The area heading gives a guide to the type of terrain and locality, e.g. An area of "Outstanding Natural Beauty" is likely to qualify for high marks under this heading.

The Classification for each Venue is shown on the Venue page together with the charges per night, which vary according to the Venue Classification.

NB: If in the opinion of JWL an 'A' classified Venue is shown to be making GGAC campers particularly welcome, it is possible for that Venue to be classified as 'AA' even if some of the rated points have a short fall. E.G. Not wild or remote or even not as rural as one would wish.

Campers' Obligations:

1. To behave in a sensible manner to avoid disturbance to the Farmer/Land owner, his/her family, staff, farming activities, animals
     and crops.
2. To avoid walking on land which is used for farming purposes i.e crops, including grass land, which is prepared for hay/silage.
     If in doubt, always ask permission.
3. To keep to Footpaths.
4. To keep dogs on lead, and under control.
5. To keep children supervised and under control. Do not allow them near Farm Machinery.
6. If fires are allowed, do not leave them unattended and to reinstate the turf after use.
7. To abide by the Country Code. Shut Gates. Remove all rubbish and to leave the camping area in a clean and tidy state on
8. In the event of extending your stay, advise:
               a)The Farmer/Landowner
               b) JW Leisure Ltd.
     and make the payment to the Farmer/Landowner, who in turn will pay JW Leisure Ltd.
9. Always bear in mind that the FLO is welcoming you on to his/her private property. Please respect this and you will always
     be welcome, both at the venue where you are camping, and at other venues who are Members of the Go Green Adventure
     Camping Association.
10. Keep BBQ's off the ground.
11. Enjoy the countryside and your camping!

N.B. 1. All children under 18 years must be accompanied by an adult.
         2. Normally, no single sex groups under 25 years are accepted.
         3. Adult Clubs welcome, e.g Ramblers, Cyclists, and in some instances Motorcyclists (check before Booking).
         4. Backpackers, *Horse riders welcome. *Included on some Venues.

Campers' Feedback:

In order to improve our service to GGAC Campers, we are always pleased to hear from you regarding your stay at any GGAC Camping Venue. Please click here to give us your feedback online or if you prefer please send us an e-mail to


GGAC is keen to encourage campers to share their experience of semi wild 'adventure' camping at any GGAC venue with other prospective campers. We therefore offer a monetary reward for 'spreading the word' and introducing a new camper to GGAC who books with us.
NOTE: This reward is on the condition that the camper is not from the same booking.


FLO and FLO's = Famers and Landowners. JWL = JW Leisure Ltd. GGAC = Go Green Adventure Camping.
GGAC-A = Go Green Adventure Camping Association.


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