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Great news for Farmers and Land Owners:

Make more from your land with Go Green Adventure Camping

Go Green Adventure Camping (GGAC) is a completely new means of providing adventurous families and friends with the opportunity to enjoy camping in the countryside. It is the prime objective of JW Leisure Ltd., and the aim of Members of the GGAC Association to provide a quality service, all be it, a natural one. We also present an opportunity for farmers to introduce and promote the Countryside and farming (how food is produced) to City and Town Dwellers.

It could be classed as a new branch of the Tourist Industry and in time, as it becomes known and established, it could even attract foreign campers. It will benefit the economy. I hope that the points set out below will be useful and helpful, particularly to those who have not been involved in dealing with the Public hitherto.

JW Leisure Ltd are pleased to announce that due to the rapidly growing popularity of GGAC Venues we are now able to offer Farmers and Land Owners the opportunity to join GGAC for FREE!. Please see the details below and contact us to take advantage of this exciting opportunity.

Special Offer to Farmers and Land Owners

Tips for Farmers and Land Owners

1. Without overdoing it, try to make your camping guests feel welcome and at ease, both on arrival and during their stay. If they come from the city and are not used to the ways of the countryside, they may well be tired and a little apprehensive on arrival. So make allowances.

2. With in reason, be as helpful as possible.

3. Endeavour to allow camping in the most attractive area/s as possible, at the same time making full provision for normal farming activities, which must take priority.

4. Endeavour to keep camping areas as tidy as possible. This will attract tidy people who will appreciate it and are more likely to come again. They will, of course tell their relatives and friends.

5. Allow plenty of space between different groups, possible in more than one location.

6. Avoid parking machinery in the camping area/s.

7. It is possible that your guests would like to have a communal BBQ and that you may wish to join in.

8. When the campers leave, both good and bad reports soon spread. Aim for the good!

9. Happy campers will come back again and they, hopefully, they will make you happy too!

Farm Shops

JWL are great supporters of Farm Shops where ever they are located. Also Farmers Markets.

Please see the latest news in the new News and New Venue Section, particularly the item relating to the Ablution Solution which is going Mobile.

Farmer and Land Owner Membership Applications

For the Go Green Adventure Camping Association farmers and land owners Membership Application Form/Questionnaire
click here.

NB: The easiest way to complete this Application Form/Questionnaire is as follows;
1. Print off a copy.
2. Open a Blank page on your Computer,
3. Add the numbers in the same order as in the Questionnaire and, as you add them, put your answers next to them.


GGAC is keen to encourage members to share their experience of GGAC membership with other farmers and land owners and encourage new, good quality venues to join us. We therefore offer a monetary reward for 'spreading the word' and introducing a new farmer or land owner who joins us.
NOTE: This reward is on the condition that the farmer/land owner is not from the same family.

Farmer and Land Owner Membership Terms and Conditions

For the Go Green Adventure Camping Association farmer and land owner Membership Terms and Conditions click here.

GGAC Association Joining Fee and Administration Charges

JW Leisure Ltd no longer charge Farmers and Land Owners a fee to join GGAC. We simply make an administration charge which is a percentage of the value of each Venue booking, that is deducted from the camping fees received for the booking before the balance is passed on to the FLO.

GGACA further information

The following is a summary of the basic objectives of the Go Green Adventure Camping Association. Membership, at a moderate cost, is offered to Farmers and Land Owners (FLO) who are willing to welcome a limited number of campers on their land.

The Go Green Adventure Camping Association (GGAC Association) has no connection with any existing Club, it has been created and is run by JW Leisure Ltd (JWL). The GGAC Association is aimed at encouraging persons who wish to "get away from it all", away from the madding crowd! This Go Green Adventure Camping web site is one of the means of attracting campers nationally or even internationally.

Campers, booking a holiday with JWL, would expect to be well equipped; self reliant and resourceful, who wish to enjoy the beauty and freedom of the countryside. Facilities, such as toilets, would be a bonus but not essential as the camper would be expected to be quite independent.

A prime objective of JWL and GGAC is to introduce pleasant campers to the farming fraternity which should be a plus for all concerned. The results of all the feedback thus far is demonstrating that this is the case which is very encouraging.

A FLO with a Farm Shop can be ideal for families. FLO's with land adjoining or close to established Routes for Walkers (e.g. The Macmillan Way) Cyclists, (Suntrans Cycle Routes and The Cycle Touring Club Routes) and/or Rivers and Canals for canoeists, will be particularly welcome. There is scope for Venues from 10 to 20 miles apart to cater for these groups. If you have friends or acquaintances on a route please put them in touch or just send their name and email address to GGAC.

The Field Toilet Shelter (the 'GGAC Thunder Box') and the GGAC Heavy Duty Toilet Stool have been substantially improved over the last year, see the FLO Accessories page. The two units together will be just right for campers, particularly those who choose to camp in remote areas. It will, therefore, be advantageous for FLOs to carry both items in stock and hire them out to campers. The best solution would be to purchase the new Pallet mounted Ablution Solution Mk2 which is virtually like a portable Bathroom and will definitely be appreciated by all campers.

Where normal toilets are not available they will also be ideal for Cyclist, Walkers (Backpackers), Horse and Motor Bike Riders who normally would not carry a toilet with them.

Venues which hold the above items in stock will have them featured on the Venue web page . They will also be included in the Booking section which will enable campers to include them when they book their GGAC Camping Holiday via PayPal.

FLOs who would like to consider stocking this equipment are invited to email requesting full information and attractive terms which are available.

Using a "self assessment" questionnaire, venues can be added from anywhere in the UK or Eire, even continental Europe. The number of nights would be at the discretion of the FLO up to a maximum of 14. Subject to the agreement of the FLO and the suitability of the Venue, groups of supervised children and adults can be included. Please refer to the WELCOME and BOOKING pages for more information. All bookings made through JWL would be prepaid and the FLO will receive the camping fees, less JWL admin charges, currently 30%, the Camping fees will be paid direct into the FLO' Bank account within 3 working days, usually before the Campers arrive!

JWL's prime objective would be to minimise the disturbance to the FLO. The FLO would decide when he would accept campers, thus avoiding any periods which are inconvenient.

Special Announcement

For full information on the New Ablution Solution Mk 2 please see the FLO Accessories page which includes full details and pictures. Price to follow.

We welcome all enquiries to Please remember to include your name, location, email address and phone number/s in your e-mail. Thank you JW Leisure Ltd.


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