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Booking a Go Green Adventure Camping Venue

It couldn't be any simpler!

To book your pitch at any of our camping venues:

1) Browse through the Go Green Adventure Camping regions listed in the left margin to decide which rural, off beat/semi wild and
     wild camping venue you would like to visit.

2) Click on the name, thumbnail image or 'Details' link of any venue for more information on that particular venue.

3) With the details of your chosen venue on the screen in front of you, check that the venue accepts bookings for the
     day(s) / date(s) that you want to stay

4) Still with the details of your chosen venue on the screen in front of you, use the 'drop down' menus on the right to:
     a)   Select the date of your arrival.
     b)   Enter the number of nights of your stay (which will book for one tent).
     c)   Select the number of adults in your party.*
     d)   Select the number of children in your party.*
     e)   Select the number of additional tents that will accompany your main tent (if any).
     f)    Given the option, select the number of Dogs staying with you (if allowed).
     h)   Given the option, select the nature/type of pitch location you would prefer.
     i)    Click on the 'Show me the cost of this booking' button to review the details of your booking and calculate the cost.

     *PLEASE NOTE: We welcome small groups of families, friends and couples. Appropriately supervised groups of children and
      adult groups such as ramblers, cyclists and other clubs are also welcome. If your group consists more than 25 adults, 25 chldren,
      5 tents or any combination thereof, please contact us by e-mail or phone 01725 517821 or 07899 804277 for a quotation.
      Single sex groups under 25 years of age are not normally welcomed.

5) If you are happy with the booking details click on 'Book Now' to proceed with your booking.

6) Enter your name, address, payment and other details as requested.

7) Lastly, click on the 'Make Booking' button to submit your booking to us.

8) We will confirm your booking as quickly as possible within a maximum of 24 hours by e-mail to the address specified in your
     booking. So please ensure you specify your correct e-mail address. Our e-mail will include the location, directions, contact details
     and full information on your chosen venue.

9) In the unlikely event that you don't hear from us within 24 hours, please contact us by calling 01725 517821 or 07899 804277.

(e.g. Spur of the moment ones)
It will normally be possible to accept late Bookings. If this is required email Text 07899 804277 or call 01725 517821 quoting the Venue you wish to Book. A member of the JWL team will respond a.s.a.p. A minimum of 3 days is preferable and is more likely to be successful.

Please note the following:
1) Generally, with a few exceptions which are clearly marked on the Venue web page, all GGAC Venues are available to accept
     a Booking.
2) It is possible, that if insufficient notice from the Venue has been given, the unavailable date/s will not be shown on the
     particular web page.
3) Should a Booking be received due to the above not been shown, or if the Camper hasn't noticed the unavailable dates/s,
     then an alternative Venue will be offered as near to the specified area as possible.
4) If, strictly within 48 hours of receipt of the Booking, the alternative Venue is not accepted a Refund will be made immediately,
     less an administration charge of 10%.

1) Refunds are at the sole discretion of JW Leisure Ltd.
2) Should it be necessary for the camper to cancel a Booking, for whatever reason, within 24 hours of the Booking being confirmed
     and paid for, a refund will be made less an administration charge of 10%.
3) Should a camper have to make a cancellation, due to illness or bereavement, a valid Doctors Certificate will be required.
     Once the Certificate is received a refund will be made less 10%.
4) Should a cancellation be made, for whatever reason, apart from as stated in 3 above, after 48 hours from receipt of the
     Booking, refunds will not be considered. The camper will be offered to have the Booking held over, at the same Venue,
     subject to the Venue owners agreement, until the 31st October in the year the Booking was made, with no additional charge
     being incurred.


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