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NB All equipment is available to purchase and subject to availability, Enquiries invited.

Ablution Solution Mk 2

The GGAC Ablution Solution Mark 2 is ideal for a Family Group (maximum of 5 families, depending on the makeup of the Group). It is sited on Venue WW003 for the 2014 season. It will be ideal for use in the pleasant remote wooded area of that Venue.

This very hygienic and spacious unit comprises a Swedish made Compost Toilet, a Urinal and a large shelve for washing and washing up. A Solar Shower can be added if required. The Floor is of non-slip rubber and the Roof is translucent which provides adequate natural light. When the sliding rear door is closed it is completely private. A Zipped Window can be opened in the Door. The unit has been thoroughly tested and is very fit for purpose!

GGAC are of the opinion that this unit will be particularly attractive to campers who would not consider camping in remote areas due to the lack of suitable Toilet facilities. GGAC look forward to Families and friends booking this unit and we are sure you will be impressed and enjoy your camping.

Farmers and Landowners please go to the FLO page to see a special announcement about the Ablution Solution Mark 2.

Ablution Solution Mk 2

Ablution Solution Mk 2


Hire availability and pricing:

The prototype Ablution Solution Mark 2 is now sited at Venue WW003 (Westbury, Wiltshire) for a trial period. If another Venue within reasonable distance would like to use it, this could be arranged.

This unit is mounted on an Indespension Trailer. It is intended to make future ones mounted on steel pallet which will be considerable cheaper. The Floor area will be the same. Enquiries invited.

This unit will be ideal for a Group of approximately four Families/Friends

If you would like to hire the Ablution Solution Mk2 at Venue WW003 please go to the Venue WW003 web page and select the option 'Yes do want Ablution Solution' along with specifying the other requirements of your booking.

Price per night: 2.50


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