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John Walden's Autobiography

John Walden's Autobiography "Memoirs of a Moonraker"

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A Life In And Out of Business

Now available from Amazon, John Walden's Memoirs are a unique collection of stories which cover the history of a very successful family business together with the life of a quite active character, from his early life, his Boarding School days during WW2 together with his activities with Horses and Sailing.

It includes the founding of the Walden business in Trowbridge in 1926, culminating in the development of Frozen Meals on Wheels which are now marketed as Wiltshire Farm Foods.

Apart from Chapters, such as views of Trowbridge prior to and during WW2, which will be of special interest to local people, it includes stories which will be a "good read" for a wide audience. It is an interesting record of the period just before and during WW2, until the late 60's.


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